Life is about living, but when you have been diagnosed with a serious health condition, it can sometimes feel as if your life has stopped dead in its tracks.

Suddenly, it all becomes about pills and potions and hospital appointments.

Somehow, the really important stuff, like looking after yourself properly, can get put to one side.

At the time in your life when you need it the most, you may find yourself neglecting your needs.

Preparing a healthy meal, being kind to yourself and knowing what foods to eat should come on prescription – but it doesn’t.

Which is why we are here. Our magazine was founded on the principle that the person best qualified to look after your health needs isn’t always your physician or specialist, but YOU!

People are unique, conditions are specific and symptoms may differ from person to person. Patients react in different ways to the same treatment – and yet modern medicine still treats them all as if they are the same!

Although the advent of personalized medical care is often heralded, it is yet to happen for many of us.

But there are things that you can do to help make sure that your recovery is about you and tailored to your needs.

Complementary health is just that. It is natural and holistic health remedies, which work in addition to your clinical treatment.

It shouldn’t interfere with any medication you are taking and it should never be seen as a replacement for it.

Here at Tea Remedy we take our responsibilities seriously when it comes to good health and providing the best information possible about achieving it.

We believe unequivocally in the power of natural therapy and harnessing all that grows, to bring wellness to the sick.

We also think that prevention is better than the cure and any recipe or remedy we publish should work in accordance with any conventional treatments.

Wherever possible, we inform readers about any possible interactions with medication or treatment.

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