We are establishing a network of hep C help and support groups nationwide – and we need YOU to help us!

We need regional organizers and people happy to help set up and run local support groups within your area.

Starting with the major cities and spreading outwards, we are looking to have a presence within every state in the country.

Do you think you can help us?

All you need is a few free hours every month, to help organize, publicize and coordinate the groups.

Our publication will help you with resources and also networks, to help build the support groups, but more than anything, you just need to be happy to chat to people – both online and face to face.

And that’s it!

You will be helping to coordinate venues and locations, convenient to hosting meet ups.

The aim of the support groups is simple – to make people feel that they are not alone with the condition.

We are able to draw on our contacts to provide a networking opportunity at these events and also will be able to invite guest speakers to attend.

We can help book professionals to come and address the support groups and to inform people how to help themselves.

Doctors, dieticians, nutritionists and any alternative practitioners are all invited to take part – we would be delighted to hear from you.

To get involved, please fill out the contact sheet and remember to leave all your contact details.

Hopefully, we will be looking to set up our first support groups across the major cities by the winter of 2018.


Coming to New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Philadelphia – November – December 2018

Tutors: Darren Bradshaw and Kaylee Hannah

Price – $25

Our hugely popular celiac cookery workshops are back and are on tour, this fall and winter.

With locations still being added to the tour – please check for details – there is ample opportunity to experience this fun and informative cookery lesson!

All prices include ingredients and also light refreshments – you will also be invited to eat anything that you have prepared during the class, or to take it home.

This is a lively and interactive session and is always well attended.

Participants come away better informed and also more confident of their cookery skills.

Our experienced tutors will show you how to batch bake and freeze dishes both safely and quickly.

To make a booking, please inquire using our contact form.